How to Receive Notifications for Google Forms on your Mobile Phone

The Email Notification add-on for Google Forms will send you the form data in email messages every time a respondent submits your form. You can use the same add-on to also send an automated email to the form respondents immediately after they complete your Google Forms.

The popular is Google Forms add-on has been updated and This can now send push notifications to your mobile devices as well as. That means when respondents complete and submit your online form, You will get an instant real-time notification (sample) on your iPhone/Android phones.
A fast response time is a key to success, especially in areas like customer services and closing sales leads, and mobile phone notifications will ensure that is your important form entries are never lost in the daily deluge of emails.
Setup Mobile Notifications for Google Forms.
This will takes a few easy steps to get up and running.
Install Email Notifications for the Google Forms from the Google Add-on store. And Install the IFTTT mobile phone app on your Android/iOS device.
Next, we need to create a connection between the Google Form and the IFTTT app Forms so that mobile phone notifications are triggered on the mobile/cell phone immediately after the form is submitted.
Step 1. Configure the IFTTT.
Firstly, Open the website on your favorite browser and create a new applet. Select the Maker service for if this condition and set the Event name as the name of your Google Form. For if-this-then-that action, choose Notifications as the services and put the text lines as. After Click Finish to make your IFTTT applet live.
Step 2. Configure the Google Forms.
Then Open any one Google Form, Then Go to the Add-ons menus, Then select the Email Notifications and then select Mobile Notifications. Enter the Event name, The IFTTT key, and the notification. You can put any {{form field name}} in the text edit and these will be replaced with actual values filled by the user.
That’s it!. Click the given Test button to test the connection between the form and your cell phone. If it works, click Save to enable mobile/cell phone notifications.
google adone.jpg
  • If you have more account's Google Forms, you need to create separate IFTTTapplets for the each Google form and the event name should be unique for each applet.
    Internally, when someone submits your form, the Google Add-on triggers and sends a web request to the IFTTT service which in turn pushes the notification to your cell phone device.
    Troubleshooting Mobile Notification
    Ø  Ensure that your phone is connected to the Internet.
    Ø  The event name in the applet should match the event name in the form configuration.
    Ø  You are logged into the IFTTT app on your cell phone.
    Ø  You must Check the activity log to ensure those type notifications are getting sent.
    Ø  If you are still facing any issue, contact support.

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  2. Hi, thanks a lot i am able to receive the notification.
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