Windows Keyboard Shortcuts and Web Browser Shortcuts

                  Keyboard Shortcuts is very useful in our daily life when we use Computer/Laptop, the keyboard shortcuts also saved our valuable time. Instead of pointing and clicking with the touchpad/external mouse, You can keep your hands on the keyboard and very easily press what you want the combination of the keywords on them to get things for done. If you use the Keyboard Shortcuts also can reduce your wrist strain. Her are the essential windows, keyboard shortcuts you should know or print for your quick reference.  

Keyboard Shortcuts keys of some Important and Web,Windows

Essential Computer Shortcut Keys.

·       Quickly minimize every opened window.(Windows key+D)

Yes, What you read above is absolutely correct. You can Close all your opened windows(with one click without using a mouse) with the help of two combination shortcut keys That is the Windows key+D

·       Go Directly the Task Manager.(Alt+Shift+Esc)

When you click on the combination of three keyboard keys you can go directly starts the task manager. That shortcut key is Alt+Shift+Esc (= Task Manager) this is also working Windows all versions  (XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10).

·       Screenshot For The Entire Screen. (Alt+Print Screen)

with this shortcut, You can take current active window as opposed to the just print screen which takes the screenshot of the entire screen. The Shortcut key is Alt+Print Screen.

·       Close All Dialog Boxes With One Click. (shift+click)

All to Yes and All to No: If you have a lot of dialog boxes asking yes and no question, You Just click the combination of two keys that are the shift+click Yes or No on one to yes all or no all.

Web Browser Shortcut Keys.

Ctrl+T: With this keyboard shortcut, You can open a new tab in internet browsers.

Ctrl+Shift+T: Using this Shortcut key, the Reopens the last closed tab.

Ctrl+Shift+N: With this keyboard shortcut, You can open a new incognito window in Google Chrome.

Ctrl+Shift+P: Help of this Shortcut key, Opens a new private window in Mozilla Firefox.

Alt+Enter: After you write the domain address bar of your browserinsert .com automatically.

Shift+Enter:  After you write the domain address bar of your browserInserts .net domain name extension.

Ctrl+W: This shortcut key closes the current tab in the browser quickly.

Ctrl+L: This shortcut uses to you quickly jumps to the address bar of your favorite web browser.

Ctrl+H: If you click this shortcut key, makes the history appears.

Ctrl+Shift+Delete: With this shortcut key, you can open the option of to delete your browser's history, cache, cookies and other details that it stores, when while you browse the internet.
Ctrl+0: With the Help of this shortcut key, Reset the zoom of web page's
Ctrl+F5: This Shortcut key, Clears the cache and refreshes the present tab.

Ctrl+Tab: This is Use for, Cycle between tabs in your browser.

Ctrl+P: This shortcut, Useful for print out the current page.

Space BarWhen You While viewing a web page in your web browser, If pressing the
space bar moves the page down.

Ctrl+Backspace: This shortcut key deletes the only last word of you have typed.

Ctrl++: This shortcut allows you to zoom in web pages in web browsers. Useful when text on a web page is too small to read properly.  this shortcut can also zoom in file thumbnails, documents, and icons

Ctrl+-: This shortcut allows you to zoom-out in web pages in web browsers. this shortcut key can also zoom-out in file thumbnails, documents, and icons.

Commonly using keyboard Shortcuts in most applications.
Ctrl+ Z: Thi shortcut, Undo the last Operation

Ctrl + Y: With this shortcut, Redo the last operation

 Ctrl + O: With this keyboard shortcut key, If you are on any software and want to quickly open a file, documents, and icon.this shortcut will come in handy.

Ctrl+S: If are you working on any software and want to quickly save your progress, documents, files, and icon This shortcut will come in handy.

Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End: Useful for quickly going to a page, top, and bottom.

 Ctrl+F: This keyboard shortcut opens the Find option in any type of programs.

F2: This Shortcut key, Allows you to rename the selected file.

CTRL+B: Bold CTRL+U: Underline CTRL+I: Italic.

Windows Keyboard shortcuts

        Windows key+M: with this shortcut, Minimizes all the open windows at the time.

Ctrl + W: close active window or file, documents.

Ctrl + Q: using this shortcut, quit an application

Windows key+Pause/Break: With this Shortcut, Quickly open the dialog box of system properties.

Windows Key+L: Using this shortcut you may Lock your Computer.

Holding Shift: With this shortcut, When While you inserting a device
with removable storage prevents an automatic run.

Alt+Tab: Useful for quickly cycling between running applications. Press along with Shift to cycle backward.

Shift+Right click: When you click this shortcut, Opens alternate right click options in any program.

 Alt+Enter/Alt+Double click: If you want to Open the file's properties. You can Use this two shortcut keys.

These are some keyboard shortcuts that I found extremely useful. If you know some more useful computer keyboard shortcuts, Then mention them in the comments.

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