10 Best Bluestacks Alternative You should know and Use.

                        BlueStacks Alternatives- In this day's so many people want to use their favorite Android Apps on their PC. To use Android apps in PC The Best way is Android Emulator installer. So today the Best Android Emulator is Bluestack Android Emulator.   I wrote an article on Bluestacks Review in One-Word read it once to get a clarification about why alternatives to Bluestacks.

                But why we are searching for BlueStacks Alternatives. The Bluestacks Emulator gives their best only high configuration PCs. Unfortunately, More member of peoples has low configurations PCs So They want BlueStacks Alternatives. There are more Bluestacks Alternatives available on the Internet. But I will tell you Top 10 Bluestacks alternatives. You may choose the best BlueStacks alternative for your PC.

Table of Content.

1. Here Listed Top 10 Bluestacks Alternative.

1.1  Andy Android Emulator

1.2 YouWav Android Emulator
1.3 Genymotion Android Emulator
1.4 MEmu Android Emulator
1.5 Dolphin Android Emulator
1.7 KoPlayer Android Emulator
1.8 Remix OS Android Emulator
1.9 QUME Android Emulator
1.10 AMIDu OS Android Emulator

Here Listed Top 10 BlueStacks Alternatives.
BlueStacks Alternatives

1.Andy Android Emulator(All Free no)

                  Andy Android Emulator is the best android emulator for your Windows/PC/MAC. this is the best BlueStacks alternative for your PC. it behaves like Bluestacks. it is easy to use android apps on your PC or MAC. very good navigation and you may use any android app in your PC or MAC or Windows. You can use also chat apps like What's app,  Viber, facebook...

                 Andy has a special feature that is you may control your  Andy screen using your Smart Phone. and It's designed mainly for playing android games. If you want to play your favorite Android games on your lovely PC you can install this instead of Bluestacks.

BlueStacks Alternative 1

System Requirements For Andy.
 OS              : Windows 7,8, Mac OSX.
 Processor    : AMD or Intel Dual-Core.
 RAM          : 3GB
 ROM         : Up to 20GB Free Disk Space.

2. YouWave (it's Free & Paid)

            YouWave Android Emulator is known as Best BlueStacks Alternative which gives us good Android Experience. it's available for all Windows versions only its doesn't run in another OS. You can install all apps not only in the Google Play Store App  also you may download third apps

             YouWave is Specially designed for Games in this you can play multi-Player games.it may use in Very low configuration Window only.YouWave has Free & Paid. If download it In Free version you will get KitKat Android Os. In Paid Version, you will get Lollipop Android Os.

BlueStacks Alternative 2

System Requirement For YouWave.
OS    : All Windows OS Only.
RAM   : 2.0GB
ROM   : 500MB Disk Space.
Processor: Intel Pentium 1.6GHz CPU.

3. Genymotion Android Emulator

                 Genymotion Android Emulator is another best Bluestacks Alternative. This is specially designed for Android Developers to test their Apps for security issues. it's available for all Android Operating system. You may choose from 2.3 to latest version Nougat 7.0.

                  it runs smoothly the only one reason there it relies on OpenGL 2.0 Technology. it is also used in low configuration PC’s. Because it needs low Disk Space and Low Random Acces memory(RAM) Genymotion is supported for all latest and old Apps and it will give us best screen resolution we can switch it is the portrait to landscape easily.

BlueStacks Alternative ex 3

System Requirements For Genymotion.
Os            : All OS
Processor : 64 bit CPU, enable in BIOS setting.
RAM         : 2GB
ROM         : 100MB Disk Space.

4. Memu Android Emulator (Free).

                MEmu is another better Bluestacks alternative it is easy to use and very good navigation for operating anything. it is better to who has low pc configurations. Because it needs low RAM and low Disk Space.

               MEmu Android Emulator available in Free Version only it has two versions KitKat and Lollipop those give us better performance when we compare with smartphones. I think this is the best alternative to Bluestacks.

BlueStacks Alternative ex 4

System Requirements For MEmu.
OS            :  Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processer  :  Intel x86 CPU. And AMD CPU.
RAM         : 2GB
ROM        : 2GB Disk Space.
BIOS        : Enabled

5. Dolphin Android Emulator.

                        Dolphin Android Emulator amazing BlueStacks Alternative It is easy to use. And its is supports all platforms Windows and Linux and MAC. It is one of the best open source android emulator. It is very Good UI and easy to install all Apps.

                                  Dolphin supports all the latest apps and old apps. It is available in Free versions so you can download it and Install it One Click.

BlueStacks Alternative ex 5

System Requirements For Dolphin.
OS               : Window 7/8/8.1/10
Processer    :
RAM            : 2GB.
ROM           : 2GB Disk Space
BIOS           : Enable

6. Nox Android Emulator.

                     Nox is easy to use Android Emulator it is known as best BlueStacks Alternative. It supports all platforms of Windows and MAC It has a very good UI and easy to navigate. It allows us to install and run any Android app. It is specially designed for Games with high screen resolution.

                            Nox is available for free with KitKat and Lollipop and it does not hang when we are using this. And easy navigation available here like adjust volume, and change screen resolution switch from portrait to landscape.

BlueStacks Alternative ex 6

System Requirements For NoX.
OS              : Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processer    : Intel
RAM           : 2GB.
ROM           : 2GB Disk Space.
BIOS           : Enable.

7. KoPlayer Android Emulator.

                          Koplayer Android Emulator is the better alternative of BlueStacks. This is specially designed for Gamers who are interested to play games. It gives them better experience while playing a favorite android game on your Pc. It has more android games free of cost.

                     When you playing a game you may use Keyboard, Mouse, and GamePad on you lovely PC. It is One Click Install and easy to use looking, good User, Interface and Easy Navigate. I suggested this for Gamers only

BlueStacks Alternative ex 7

 System Requirements For KoPlayer
OS              : Windows 7/8/8.1/10
Processer    : Intel
RAM           : 2GB.
ROM          : 2GB Disk Space.
BIOS           : Enable

8. Remix OS Android Emulator.

Introduction: Remix OS is developed by Jide Technologies. Remix OS Player Version 1.0.110 Release Date 15-Nov-2016.

Features: Remix Os Player is showing its best in games they are made it excel in gaming the most advanced features they made friendly. They are also provided us with an excellent gaming toolkit. Which is gives us everything we have to enjoy our favorite game.

In Remix Os we can use multiple Apps at the same time. When I am playing a game on Remix OS one of my friends started chatting with me on Chatting App I replied him while playing a game on the same screen. So you can use it like Pc

Cost of Remix OS.
  It’s all free the remix OS will give us free of cost. Remix OS Player also a free download, Free to play, free to up to date.

BlueStacks Alternative ex 8

 Recommended System Requirements For Remix OS.

OS             : Windows 7 or never
Processer  : i3 (recommended i5)
RAM          : 4GB
ROM         : 8GB storage (16 GB recommended)

9. QEMU Android Emulator.

                   Quick Android Emulator is known as QEMU Android Emulator is it one of the best Bluestacks Alternative and it is one of the best Open Source Android Emulator for All Pc Users. In this we can use any Android app on this is supported to Windows and Linux, and Mac.

                          It has better navigation and who is boring with the mobile screen they definitely like it is the reason is switch and drag and drop screen resolution. And it's available free of cost with the latest versions. And it is easy to Download and runs Android apps on your lovely PC.

BlueStacks Alternative ex 9

System Requirements For QEMU Emulator.
OS          : Windows 7/8/8.1
Processer   : Intel x86
RAM           : 2GB
ROM          : 2GB Disk Space.
BIOS          : Enable

10. AMIDu OS Android Emulator.

                      AMIDu OS Android Emulator is another best Bluestacks alternative for Windows Users. It is better for Low configurations PCs because it is lightweight. And you download and run it on this any app of you loved. You will feel better while using this.

                    It is supported only by Window Users. AIMIDu gives everyone new user free for one month after one month you have to pay for use it on your PC. In this more interesting features available in paid versions only. So I recommend using first trial version and if you like it to get paid version if you don’t like trial version than don’t pay for it.

BlueStacks Alternative ex 10

System Requirements For AMIDu OS.
OS                 : Windows 7/8/8.1
Processor      : Intel x86 CPU.
RAM             : 2GB.
ROM             : 2GB Disk Space.
BIOS             : Enabled

                                I just Discussed only 10 Bluestacks alternatives. Still, there are some many Android Emulators on the internet. And many ways to run your favorite App on PC.  I request You If you know the any other best Emulator or any way use to Android App Please Feel Fee to comment.

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