How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background on Android or iPhone.

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          it's not great to play YouTube video on Android background. From today you can enjoy your favorite music while using another app like checking Gmail and Browse in New tab Open chat apps(like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter) give replay at the same time while playing YouTube video or Playlist on your Android or iOS. 

play youtube videos in background on android

           unfortunately, The YouTube Android app doesn't have this feature. to play favorite videos on the background. whatever it may be we just play the videos/playlist foreground of the YouTube app only. if we switch from another app that video is automatically stopped. its never play while using another app

are there any apps to Play Background?

              The Google Play store was provided a few years ago to use other apps while playing YouTube videos in background android or iOS. But now those are not in available so don't worry I will tell you an easy way to play YouTube videos in the android background.

        You need not download any app to play YouTube videos on your phone, you can go with the default web browser or your favorite web browser on your phone itself. are thinking how to let's go...

Play YouTube videos in Background Android.

Just follow this simple steps.

1 Open any web Browser that's your favorite.

2 and Open the and search videos are playlists that are your favorite.

3 Allow notifications. (must do)

4 Click on Browser Menu Choose from that "Desktop site" to switch as shown as PC

5 hit on the play button of  the video or Playlist

6 then finally tap on Home button of Android or iOS Phone if it stops no 
problem Just pull down the notifications bar, from that notification bar, we can Play & Pause.

              I hope you understood how to play youtube videos in the android background. if you like this article share with your friends and like this. If you face any problem to play in Background Comment on bellow 

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