How to delete a Facebook Account Permanently.

Hello, Everyone.
                      Today, In this tutorial I will tell you how to delete Facebook account easily with Pictures Step-By-Step. If you really want to delete Facebook Account You're not alone I am with you Just follow the Steps.

Just follow these simple steps to Deactivate / Delete your Facebook Account Permanently.

How to delete Facebook account permanently

01 Open your favorite browser(my favorite Chrome) and Go to Facebook login Page.

02 Enter Username, Password of your Facebook account which is you want to delete.
Delete facebook account

03 Click the account menu down arrow at the top right of the Facebook page in your web browser, as shown in the image.
04 From that drop-down menu choose the Setting and hit on it.
Delete Facebook account permenently

05 In that page that appears, click on Your Facebook Information, and search for Deactivation and deletion hit on it. than you will get...
Delete facebook account

06 Choose one of the options Deactivating Facebook Account, or Permanently Delete the Facebook account. Than procedu to click on Continue to account deactivating/deletion.
How to delete facebook account permanently
07 When you decide to delete your Facebook account permanently the Facebook offers you to save your information like Photos, Post's, which is you uploaded, they will give a copy of your information.
08 Finally, you get a page on that page click on Delete Account.
How to delete facebook account

09 Then you get a pop-up screen to enter your Facebook Password and hit on Continue.
Delete facebook account permanently

      Now your account in deletion of your account will be delete everything photos, posts, friends, comments, messages, within 1 month (30) days.

    That's it now you know how to delete or deactivate your Facebook account permanently.

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