Best Ways to Make Free Internet Phone Calls

Yes, you really can make free phone calls using the Internet! It is totally  Free through internet phone programs to let you make free phone calls anywhere in the world.
The free phone call applications/programs I listed in below are available in  different Types:
To make a free phone call using an Internet phone, you might have to download free phone call software/programs or use a softphone from an Internet phone provider website.
Note/Important: A free Internet phone calls can not be used to make a 911/100/108 or similar emergency call.
This are the most popular software to make Internet free calls

First one is 1: Google Voice

Google Voice is the service offered by Google. Google Voice is the best free software to make free calls from PC to Mobile OR Mobile to can make free calls to an actual phone number.google1.jpg
With Google Voice, you can also get free SMS, make free conference calls, and get free voice mail services. Google Voice is available as a mobile app.  That is worked in  Android, BlackBerry, and iOS users, as well as a web app that works with any other mobile devices.But you can use this service only in US and CANADA. If you want to make free calls from any part of the world then you what to pay charged to Google. For call rates

The second one is 2:  MagicJack

You can make free calls to other magicJack device users located anywhere in the world,magicjack1.jpg
magicJack is an Android/ios/iPhone, iPad,  MagicJack is an app to app or app to phone mobile application. MagicJakc application offers a real phone number we can be used to make free Internet phone calls.
Not only can you call other magicJack users for free anywhere in the world, But you can call also any regular mobile/telephone number in the US and Canada, even if they don not use the magicJack app (like landlines, mobiles ). Those phones can also receive incoming calls to your app.magicJack users also get free voicemail.
magicJack users also get free voicemail.
iPhone, iPad,  iPod touch, and Android devices users can use this.

The third one is 3: Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger one of the best calls making software from Pc to Mobiles in India.You can make free calls in anywhere in India only.
yahoo massenger.jpg
1. All you need to do is Just Download Yahoo Messenger and install it is on your device. If you have your  Yahoo Account, Then logging into your account. If you do not have an account then create one new account. It is totally very easily to make free calls to yahoo Messanger.
2. Click on the Yahoo call and then choose to call a phone number from my PC as shown in the above screen.
3. Now Dail 18003733411. It is a toll free number and wait till your call will be connected.
Just follow the given instructions and choose to free call option by saying free call through your micro phone.
4.Now you will be here an advertisement till your call is connecting and then you can here Please dial your Number.
5.That’s it! There Enter Number and Dial and enjoy Free calls From Yahoo Messenger.
I hope You have Understood how to make calls from Yahoo Messenger.

The fourth one is 4: Site2smssite2sms.jpg

Site2sms is one of the best sites which are providing free calls from PC to mobile. Site2sms offering free calls only in India. Each call limit is 2 minutes when completing 2 minutes your call automatically disconnected. Similarly, You can make 15 calls with 2 min each one call.

The fifth one is 5: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the best largest peoples using in all over world chatting friends and calls them this also available Video calling.
If you want to Join the WhatsApp firstly You want to download the WhatsApp and install it is on your device.
Then You need to confirm your mobile number to get started. Once you are using the app, after you can make calls for free in all over in the world.But it is only who is using the WhatsApp/Don not have the app installed, to landlines.
The WhatsApp also use sending videos, pictures, your location, and contacts to other users.
Even You can use it in a computer via WhatsApp Web,

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  2. Thankfully, because of new rules introduced by Ofcom on 1st July 2015, knowing how much it will cost you to call an 0800 number, especially from your mobile, has got a whole lot easier.