How to Add Picture Passwords in your Google Forms - Image CAPTCHAs

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You can easily create a Google form this is visible to everyone in the group. But to make it more secure and to prevent the spambots from automatically filling the data into the form, You may want's to password protect your forms. I am going to show you how to add a picture password to your google form.
Google Forms have this little problem. The forms are either public (anyone can fill your form) or, if you are on Google App, You can create forms that are visible to everyone in your organization.This is however not possible to restrict access to forms to specific people.
Next shortcoming is that Google Forms don't allow passwords or CAPTCHAs to prevent spam bots from filling your forms with random data.The Google itself maintains the reCAPTCHA project, But it is not known if integration with the Google Forms is in the works. There is a workaround, though.
Google Forms with Picture Passwords.
Google Forms don't support CAPTCHA but they do offer an option to attach more images with questions. These can be used as image passwords.
The idea is simple.
We add a multiple-choice question where the user is asked to pick an image from a selection of multiple pictures. If they select the correct image, the main form is displayed else an error message is shown.
How to Make Google Forms with Picture Passwords.
you just follow the simple steps you can defiantly make google forms Picture passwords

Step 1: Ok Let's start, first open up your Google Form from your favorite browser.
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picture passwords image 1
Step 2: Create three sections by the clicking on the 'Add Section' icon as shown in the below screen.

picture passwords image 3
Section 1: The picture password
Section 2: The error message
Section 3: The actual form
Step 3: After complete it's. Add a multiple choice question to section 1 by clicking on the “Add Question” icon and choose the type as “Multiple Choice” from the given drop down box.
Step 4: Now set up the security question and make it as the required one and now in the options section add different pictures to every option. In this tutorial, I am adding four options with four images.picture passwords image 4
Step 5: You can add as many options as you wish by clicking on the “Add option”.

picture passwords image 5
Step 6: Now enable “Go to section based answer” from “Show” icon which will be located at the bottom right corner of the section. Also, enable “shuffle option order” to shuffle the options on each visit.

picture passwords image 6
Step 7: Setup “go to section 2” for all an incorrect options from the drop down box and choose “go to section 3” for the correct option.

picture passwords image 7
Step 8: Now,  we are in section 2, add the error message. Also, you have to setup “go to section 1” to prevent the user with incorrect answers from entering to the actual form.

picture passwords image 8
That’s it!. You have successfully added the picture password to your google formFrom now onwards whenever your form is accessed, the user must select the right option to enter into the actual form.

I hope you have understood How to Add a Picture Password to your Google Forms.

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