How to Know What Facebook Can See Inside Your Photographs

Know what Facebook looks Photos. When you upload any type of photos/image to your Facebook account, they look at the actual content of the image and try to determine what objects and scenes are inside the photos. You may not have added any description, Yet Facebook account can determine what that is the picture is all about.

Facebook Computer Vision Tags.

Facebook also adds these things to the ALT tag of the photo. It is also called Facebook Computer Vision Tags. If you are curious to know what information Facebook recognizes in an image, Here’s an easy way to view that data.

How to Know what Facebook sees in your Photos.

Just follow these simple steps to know what Facebook sees in images.

Step 1: Open the image/photo on the Facebook account.
Step 2: Right-click on the image/photo and choose "Inspect" from the menu. That opens the developer console. Developer console.face book.jpg
Step 3: Look at the alt attribute of the image/photo tag and see the description. In the photo/image, It recognizes “people stilling and outdoor”.
facebook 2.jpg
This trick would work across all modern browsers since they have developer tools built-
Look at the alt attribute of the image tag* and you’ll find the description of the image as seen by Facebook.
[*] If the <img> tag is not visible in the developer tool, you may need to expand the parent <div> tag.
The Github user has created The Google Chrome extension that takes away all the manual work and overlays the tags on the photo without you having to hunt inside the developer tool.

The Facebook algorithm is accurate. It hardly fails to recognize anything. I never found any wrong recognition of the object.
I hope you have understood how to Know What Facebook Can See Inside Your Photographs.

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