JPEG or PNG -Which Format Gives Better Quality?

hen you are Saving an Image You can save the image like PNG, JPG/JPEG, Gif formats, In this article, I will teach you which Image format it gives you better quality?
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Read once this before choosing an image 


GIF Format Details
·       A Full form of GIF: Graphics Interchange Format
·        GIF format is limited to 256 colors
·        GIF format is lossless compression file format
·        GIF is widely used in Web
·        GIF is giving better quality for line drawings, text and iconic graphics only at a small file size
·        It is support for Animation
Example for Gif format

                                                        PNG Format Details
·       Full form of PNG Portal Network Graphics
·        PNG-8 is limited to 256 colors supported
·        PNG-24 is unlimited colors supported
·        PNG format is a lossless compression file format
·        PNG is commonly used on the web
·        PNG is also giving better quality for screenshots, line drawings, text and iconic graphics only a small file size
·        File Extension .png
Example for PNG format
Png vs Jpeg/jpg 
JPG or JPEG Format Details
·      A  Full  form of JPG or JPEG Join Photography group expert
·        Unlimited color supported
·        JPG format is loss compression file format
·        JPG commonly used on the web
·        JPG format gives better quality for all type of Images
·        JPG is Gives its best in Photographs; photorealistic images with a lot of colors
·        File Extension .jpeg, .jpg, jpe
Example for JPG format
 jpg vs png
Which Format Give Better Quality JPeG or PNG

JPG and PNG two formats gives us better quality, PNG is lossless compression file format. See below picture for a final idea on PNG vs JPG
 png vs jpg

                                     Author Experience
According to me, I use PNG for drawing, Text, Graphs If you see in my blog posts I used it regularly. JPG for screenshots, pictures editing and more I use these formats very commonly in my blog. And Finally Gif I use very rarely
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